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 Police Administration
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  international cooperation
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    Public Information Network Security Supervision

In 2005, Chinese cyber police put more efforts in prote-
cting information network security, preventing and crac-
king down on cyber crimes, and maintained the securi-
ty of national information network.
Fiercely combated and suppressed cyber crimes. In 2-
005, cyber police forces initiated a targeted operation
of combating cyber gambling crimes and cyber porno-
graphic activities through online visual chat, dea-
lt with 21,000 cases, cleared more than 3,000 internet targeted crimes, and assisted the other police forces
by catching 13,000 criminal suspects.

Effectively strengthened the protection of cyber security. Cyber police forces initiated targeted rectification on P-
to-P web, online visual chat and various websites, carried out surveys on the security situation of information network and the computer virus situation, and further deepened the security concept of internet users.

      Greatly improved the capability of safeguarding       information security. The Ministry of Public Security       promulgated a regulation on the management of the             cyber security protection technology, further improved the       national information security circulating mechanism, and       established the meeting mechanism of cyber       information, which strongly improved the work of grading                                                           information security and protecting information security.

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